Cool Glasses - The Best Accessory

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designer eye glasses for womenMany people that wear glasses to correct vision problems embrace it as an opportunity accessorize. They know that the face is the first place people look when meeting someone for the first time and that the right set of frames highlight the face and are a finishing touch to any outfit.
However, glasses will only provide a polished look if:
Choose Frames for the Shape of the Face
When shopping for cool glasses, it is a great idea to look for styles that complement and flatter, but also for styles that will reflect personal style as well as complete the total look that the person is trying to achieve.
Selecting frames that complement one's face is the first step to choosing cool glasses. Common face shapes are oval, round, square, oblong, triangle, diamond and heart-shaped. Each shape has unique attributes that should be taken into consideration. The right pair of frames can provide an aesthetic balance of facial features, soften angles and create symmetry.
Choose the Colour of the Frames for the Complexion of the Skin
Another aspect to consider when selecting glasses is complexion. It is entirely possible to choose the colour of frames in the same manner that one would choose the colour of their clothes. Skin colour has different undertones, either warm or cool, and identifying this undertone can help determine which colours are most suitable. Undertones in skin can be discovered by looking at the underside of the arm in natural daylight. Pink undertones and bluish veins signify cool toned skin. For cool toned skin types choose frames that feature the following colours:
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Black
A golden undertone and greenish veins denote warm toned skin. Choose frames that feature:
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • dark green
  • dark red
  • off-white
Choose a Proper Fit
The most important aspect to making sure that glasses are contributing to a perfectly polished look is to make sure that they that fit properly. They should be comfortable to wear, but still fit snugly. Glasses should not leave marks on the nose when they are removed. The heft of the glasses should be properly balanced between both the ears and the nose.
Choose a Reputable Optical Store
One of the best ways to make sure that glasses are always a fashion ‘do' is to purchase them from a reputable optical store.
Quality stores will have really great deals on glasses so that it is possible to have multiple pairs. After all, most people have more than one outfit, so why not more than one pair of cool glasses?
Friendly on-staff fashion consultants will help the customer pick out frames that will best suit the shape of the face as well as the complexion and make sure that glasses fit properly.
Look for a place that offers:
  • Forty-plus years of experience in providing comprehensive eye care solutions
  • A wide selection of fine fashion frames
  • Competitive pricing, as much as fifty percent lower prices than other major stores
  • Fast service; one hour, while you wait or same day service
  • Multiple locations
  • Guarantees against accidental breakage or damage
It may seem like a lot of effort but spending the time you need to make the right decisions when it comes to colour, style and source means that you'll be happy and confident when you step out in your new cool glasses.